Jugantor - A Famous Daily Newspaper Of Bangladesh

Jugantor is a famous daily newspaper which started publishing in 2000. Jamuna Group owns the newspaper. The development of the daily was first launched in 1990 and controlled by Jamuna Group. 

Then the following year, it came to publishing. However, it prints various features for all kinds of readers.

All About Jugantor

Usually, the newspaper is printed edition and morning based daily. It is printed in Bangla language. The publisher of the newspaper is Salma Islam, and the chief editor is Saiful Alam. The headquarters of the daily is in Dhaka.

However, the circulation of the newspaper is almost 300,000. The daily has an online portal besides the printed edition. It is developed mainly for online readers. So, more people can engage with the online version of the newspaper.

Jugantor - A Famous Daily Newspaper Of Bangladesh

Moreover, the number of visitors and readers has increased in recent years. The online portals upload all daily news. So, anyone can read fresh news from broadsheets or online portals.

The Features Of The Newspaper Jugantor

The newspaper has different sections to publish news. The reporters and journalists collect news and information. Then publishes them on the features. It includes politics, national and international news, current affairs, entertainment, sports, education, etc.

During the tournaments, the daily publishes all-important news of sports. Some features are usually published occasionally. So, have a look at the special features of the newspaper:
  • Jugantor Dotcom. (IT and Technology)
  • Protimoncho.
  • Chakrir khoj. (vacancy)
  • Ghore Baire.
  • Tara jhil mil.
  • Sahitto samayiki. (Art & Literature)
  • Suranjana
  • Sajan samabesh.
  • Islam & jibon.
  • Prokriti & jibon

Khola Kagoj

Khola Kagoj is one of the popular newspapers in Bangladesh. It features numerous news and reports of daily affairs of this country. Besides, it publishes international news, sports, entertainment etc as well.

During the festival, the newspaper publishes many exciting features, magazines etc. Even the authority has enhanced its facilities by introducing online portals for their readers.

eKhola Kagoj

This is the advanced technology era, and we are becoming dependable on technology day by day. The newspaper is also coping with the demand of the modern generation. Khola kagoj newspaper has an online portal eKhola Kagoj. This is the new feature that added on the newspaper. It is free, and anyone can read daily affairs online.

Moreover, the daily news published by the press is available online. Anyone can read previous news from the online portal. It is easy to operate. Search by the date and the news will appear on a particular day. Furthermore, eKhola Kagoj provides more features to its readers. Readers can have more news about their favourite features like politics, entertainment, education etc.

Other Features of the Newspaper

Khola Kagoj newspaper shows not only news but also some other essential features. One feature is about health and beautification. Cooking, makeup tips etc are also published by specialists. The student also can find valuable information, SSC/HSC schedule, exam tips on the newspaper given by teachers.

Even more, share market, bank, business etc exclusive reports are published daily. So, any reader can be updated all the time with the news. Newspaper is a treasure of knowledge for everyone.

In a Nutshell

Jugantor is a popular and dependable newspaper in Bangladesh. It collects reports from reliable sources. Even it always remains liberal in their political or religious view. So, the readers find true and transparent news daily.
Published on December 10, 2022
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