Jaijaidin (দৈনিক যায় যায় দিন)

Jaijaidin is a leading Bengali language daily newspaper published from Bangladesh. It is founded in 1984 by renowned Bangladeshi journalist Shafiq Rehman as a weekly newspaper. Then again, in 2008, the newspaper started publishing in a new form as a daily.

The newspaper's acting secretary Kazi Rukunuddin Ahmed. Initially, it was published as a weekly Jaijaidin Note that it was first published as a daily tabloid in 1999. Due to the lack of response at that time, the publication was stopped as a daily.

History of the Jaijaidin

In the late '80s, the weekly newspaper played a prominent role in the anti-Ershad movement. As a result, the then editor, Shafiq Rehman, was forced to leave Bangladesh by the Ershad's government and the newspaper was shut down at that time.

Location and Office

Jaijaidin is located in the "Jaijaidin Mediaplex" building in Dhaka. Jaijaidin Mediaplex is situated in the commercial area of ​​Tejgaon in Dhaka. The complex consists of two buildings. The south tower has three floors.

On the ground floor are the publishing department, commercial department, marketing department and reception desk. The second floor is open to the public. The "Clinton Room" is used for roundtable meetings. Former US Ambassador Patricia A. Butanes inaugurated this room.

Jaijaidin (দৈনিক যায় যায় দিন)

News, editorial, article and photography departments are located here. There are 16 working desks on this floor. The north building has two floors. Newspapers published on the ground floor are kept. The power plant of the entire complex is located here.

The first floor has a 44-seat dormitory. Students from different parts of the country are invited to visit Mediaplex for a short period. That is why the dormitory is being used.

Final words,

Jaijaidin conducts short-term courses on newspaper publishing in addition to gaining practical experience for these students. They are reliable for all the latest news and updates. From https://www.jaijaidinbd.com/, you can read the e-paper of the Jaijaidin daily newspaper.
Published on January 24, 2023
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