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Daily Sangram (দৈনিক সংগ্রাম)

Daily Sangram is a national daily newspaper published from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Abul Asad is the editor of the magazine. Daily Sangram covers local and regional issues along with Bangladesh and international news.

It also provides entertainment, business, science, technology, sports, movies, travel, jobs, education, health, environment, human rights and other news. Ideologically, it is known as the daily or mouthpiece of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami.

Daily Sangram Details

Daily Sangram is a daily published national newspaper. It is printed and published by Bangladesh Publications Limited from Daily Sangram Al Falah Printing Press. It is simultaneously printed in the form of a 'broadsheet' and the online version.

Daily Sangram (দৈনিক সংগ্রাম)

It uses brown newsprint paper. The magazine is printed in four colors, including the first page, last page, sports, economy, education, opinion, socio-culture, literature, features, science and technology, lifestyle, job news, accidents, environment, emigration, capital, politics. , Mourning news, parliament, national, village-town-city, court, crime.

The role of the Liberation War

The newspaper started its journey on January 17, 1980. Before and during the war of independence of Bangladesh in 1971, Daily Sangram served as the mouthpiece of the then East Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islami. Jamaat-e-Islami opposes the independence of Bangladesh and campaigns through the daily struggle to build public opinion against independence.

On December 12, 2019, an organization called Muktijoddha Mancha vandalized the newspaper's big Maghbazar office and printing house, citing news on the front page of the newspaper referring to Quader Mollah as a 'martyr.' The newspaper's office was also destroyed in 2013.

Dainik Azadi

If you are from Chittagong and want to get updated with all the news, Dainik Azadi would be the best newspaper for you. It is not a recent one. This newspaper has a great history. This newspaper was first published in 1960. As it was a pro-democracy paper, it supported the autonomy movements of East Pakistan.

For this reason, the Pakistani Government blacklisted this newspaper for one year and also banned it from getting the advertisement of the Government. So, Dainik Azadi has stopped its publishing during the Liberation War of Bangladesh for three months. The founder of this newspaper is MD. Abdul Khalek.

Dainik Azadi Online

As Dainik Azadi is a newspaper based in Chittagong, you will get all the news and updates about this city. Besides, like all other newspapers, you will also get all the news from home and abroad. Not only that, but this newspaper also has an online version.

So, using your internet device, you can visit the Dainik Azadi online and get news from any time anywhere. On the online site, you all get various online ads, job news, etc. This newspaper also brings advertisements from various companies, schools, and colleges to promote their business.

Sometimes, we need to check the news of previous days for any important information. Now it is easy because the online version of the newspaper provides. You can get the newspaper for older days by putting the date and years.

It is a great thing. However, as an older newspaper, Dainik Azadi is still publishing its daily news with a reputation. For Chittagong, it has an additional page. See all the news such as sports, lifestyle, politics, Bangladesh, International, feature, education, and so on from one newspaper.

Media rule

The Bangladesh Film and Publication Department canceled the newspaper's media listing on January 23, 2020, in the wake of the news publication on December 12, 2019, referring to Quader Mollah as a 'martyr' on the front page. As a result of this order, Daily Sangram was deprived of government advertisements and all facilities.

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